Pool Setup

The administrator of the the NCAA Tourney module will have the ability to set the point structure that will be used to score each correct pick in a given round. The administrator can also set the pick cutoff date that will be used as the date and time the user picks become read only.

The following screenshot shows the tourney setup screen:

The initial pairing of teams that are in the tournament are provided as part of the install of the module. An update will be supplied within 12 hours of the tournament bracket being finalized. This update will set the initial pairings. We will provide a second update once the play-in team is set. This is an optional update since the team will be shown as "Play-in." If you do not mind seeing this as the team name, you are not required to update with the second update.

In the meantime, the 2005 tournmanent pairings are provided so you can experiement and learn how the NCAA Tourney module works.

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