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Project Description
NCAA Tourney DotNetNuke module allows you to run NCAA basketball tournaments support brackets and basic scoring for the tournament.

Project Status

This module was released by in 2005.  It was used to run NCAA basketball tournaments within DNN for several years.  Now I am releasing this as an open source module after a couple of years of it being retired.  

The module works in DNN 3.X - 6.X and was originally written using the DNN 3.X class library approach in VB.NET.  It can be used as is with the current teams for the tourney loaded up for the tournament vi a SQL Script.  

This project is looking for a new champion to take control of the module to convert it to a more recent build structure and add additional features such as automated tourney updates, bracket setup, advanced scoring points, etc.  If you are interested in helping out with this project, please email!

Detailed Description

The NCAA Tourney is a DotNetNuke 3.X - 6.X module that allows you to add a NCAA tournament to your portal.  You can allow users to record their picks for the tournament and then manage the outcome of the tournament calculating the winner of your tourney based on customizable point system.  The module has been designed to be very user friendly and efficient for the end user as well as the administrator of the tournament.


  • Sort Pool Standings - Pool Standings table can be sorted by any column. 
  • View Other Users Picks  - See the picks others made, after the tournament has begun.  Either click on the User Name in Pool Standings, or select a name from drop-down box in the tournament bracket.
  • Admin Edit Functionality  - Administrators can edit and/or delete other users' picks.   
  • Client-side picks - All picks are made using sophisticated client side scripting without requiring post backs to the database.
  • Pick Cutoff Date - Set a date all user picks must be submitted by.
  • Multi-Session Saves - Allow your users to make their picks at their leisure by saving their complete or partial picks until the pick cutoff date.
  • Initial Tournament Setup - An upgrade will be provided within 24 hours of this years initial tournament bracket is set, this will seed the initial pairings. Note: The play-in team will be populated by the tourney administrator to allow maximum user pick time.
  • DNN User Management - Leverages registered DNN users and built in DNN security roles to allow ultimate flexibility of tournament management.
  • Pool Stats - Separate module for displaying statistics from your pools.
  • Customizable Scoring - You can configure the points per round.
  • Tie Breaker - Allows you to use the final combined game score as a tie-breaker.
  • Multi-Tourney Support - Run multiple tournaments within a single Portal.
  • Multi-Portal Support - Run multiple tournaments within a single DNN instance (see licensing terms).

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